We have a battle against the lies and twisted facts about our horse and every day more join the troops who attack us. Why do they do that? The answer is simple the more people who we catch cheating and ban from this industry the more people will turn of us.
This even goes to professional people such as Veterinarians who we depend on service for our horses. Not all of them are capable of treating our horse properly and when that is found out they turn. This happened in the case of one horse owner when he was told to put his mare down and instead of following the Veterinarians suggestion he called a well-known Farrier who treated the mare for her condition which enable her to produce several more off springs.
The Veterinarian is now the go to guy for people like Billy Go Boy and the h$u$.
My point is this is why we continue to have stories of abuse and unethical conduct in our industry. It comes from the people who committed the acts after they are exposed and in the next few weeks the What A Horse Show will be doing interviews with people who can give a firsthand report on different acts of people who have turned and attacked this industry.